Date. June 2020


Client: Lesniak Swann

Company / Product: Thea Pharmaceuticals Ltd / Opthamology


This double page A4 spread was created for creative agency Lesniak Swann for their client Thea Pharmaceuticals Ltd.


Thea Pharmaceuticals Ltd required a DPS advert promoting two of their opthal­mol­o­gy products that can be used in conjunction with each other; one product for application to the eyelid and one product for application to the eye itself. They requested that the artwork flowed across both pages from one product to the other with a central (main) hero image that follows the look, feel and branding of previous / existing single page product adverts.

Hero Image

The main hero image of the eyes / face was created using two separate photographs of the same model. One photograph with both eyes open and one with both eyes closed. It was important that the same model was used for both photographs so that the eyes (size, shape, eyelashes etc) matched exactly. Both photos were then manipulated in Adobe Photoshop so that the skin tones were identical and so that it appeared the model had one eye open and one eye closed with each individual eye relevant to the product shown underneath. The combined photograph was then converted to black and white and a bright blue tint applied to the open eye. See below how the two photos were combined to create one single image.

Original Image* (Model Eyes Closed)


Original Image* (Model Eyes Open)


Combined Images* (Animated)


*Original images - Licensed from AdobeStock / provided by Lesniak Swann