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A logo to remember

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

To help improve visibility and awareness of their work in the town and community, the Friends of Stafford Cemeteries group wanted to create a new logo and branding for them which would be used for all future communications.

The volunteer group, which was formed in 2017 and is based in Stafford, supports Stafford Borough Council’s Bereavement Services and has been raising public awareness of, and developing public interest in, the council’s cemeteries and crematorium through open and awareness days, social media and local news.

Most recently, open days held by the group at Eccleshall Road cemetery in Stafford generated lots of interest due to the opening of two 160 year old chapels on the site which have remained unused since the 1960s, one of which is proposed for renovation as a community hub. Another open day at Stafford Crematorium saw many visitors take the opportunity to have a tour around the award winning grounds and see the state-of-the-art technology involved in the cremation process.

I became involved with Friends of Stafford Cemeteries and volunteered to help them design a new logo having previously worked with Jill Samphier Independent Funeral Directors in the town and on behalf of my wife who sadly lost two children, both at a very early age and who are buried at one of the cemeteries.

The Friends Group logo needed to encapsulate the main ethos of Friends of Stafford Cemeteries, the work that they do and be suitable for both print and digital media. I decided upon a flower emblem consists of four inter-linked hearts, the first representing the three cemeteries in Stafford, the second symbolises the loved ones buried there, the third heart is for their families and friends and the final segment being for the town and community.

All four inter-linked hearts reflect the Staffordshire Knot with the flower as a whole representing everything the cemeteries are for: commemoration, love, conservation, peacefulness, appreciation, beauty, tranquility, thought, gratitude, honour, dignity, reflection and pride to name but a few.

Since it’s establishment, group founder Laura Francis said “The Friends group has grown in the last year and now has members from local businesses and charities as well as the community volunteers who all have a vested interest and enthusiasm for looking after these valued locations.

We hope that our new logo will help to give us a distinct identity within the town and community whilst helping to promote our work in protecting and preserving our cemeteries as places of remembrance, spirituality, history and nature.”

The logo has now been implemented on the group's Facebook and Instagram, printed material and videos and continues to provide a consistency in style and appearance across communications.

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